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Coworking & Childcare

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The Idea

Balance Working Space is a place for parents and their kids. We provide a safe and secure building for parents to come and utilize our private offices or shared coworking space while their children play in our supervised playrooms. 

Working Spaces

Parents can reserve an office or a desk in a shared coworking room and check their children into our childcare area. Reservations are available as needed in two hour blocks between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Our desks are electric standing desks, and our spaces are cute, clean, and spacious.

What parents use their space for is up to them! They can work, study, plan for an event or project, take a Zoom call. Or even just take a much needed break! Take a nap, read a book, watch a T.V. show, and relax.

We have coffee on hand, a full size fridge for snacks or meals, a printer available for any printing or scanning needs. 


Our low-ratio playrooms (10:2) are staffed with our extraordinary teachers that are experienced in childcare and will be encouraging and facilitating play, movement, music, reading, and art. They are CPR and First-Aid certified and have gone through fingerprint background checks. 

Our teachers are here to help you, the parent. They can text you when your child needs a diaper change or bathroom break. You're welcomed with open arms to come back and help or reply asking the teacher to assist. Hear your child upset? You know them better than anyone else and know whether they need the comfort of their parent or if the teacher will be able to provide comfort so they can go back to playing.

You're welcome to pop-in or check your child out at your discretion.


Contact us to discuss pricing and logistics.  Our space is perfect for:




-Parent Nights

-Parenting Classes

-Mock Trials

-Small Conferences

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