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Favorite Questions

We truly cannot wait to hear from you! If you do not see your questions below, send us an email. 

Are meals provided for my child?

No. We are not currently providing meals. You're welcome to check your child out of their playroom and bring them into your office to enjoy a meal together or you can provide a meal or snack and we would be happy to serve it for you. Let your teacher know when you drop your child off.

Can I share an office with someone?

Absolutely. Your space will include childcare for up to 2 children. If you have a friend or colleague interested in sharing an office with you and you have more than 2 children collectively, reach out to us to ensure we have space. Extra children beyond the allotted 2 cost $7.50/hour.

What's the cost?

Our rates start at $16/hour for our shared coworking room or $19/hour for one of our private offices. This pricing includes childcare for up to 2 kids. 

What ages do you accept?

We currently accept all ages. However, it is important to note that our playrooms are mixed age groups. We have seen a lot of benefits to this as siblings get to stay together and the older kids thrive in leadership opportunities and the younger kids are able to observe and learn from the older ones. 

Can my employer pay a portion of my monthly cost?

Yes. You tell us the preferred way to set up billing. Whether it is through you or directly to them. 

If your employer does not currently offer a stipend or benefits for remote work, you should ask! We have a letter you're welcome to send from us and some tips on how to approach your employer. 

What is your sick policy?

We do ask for parents to keep their children home if they're exhibiting the following symptoms:

-A new or worsening cough

-Runny nose (accompanied by other symptoms)




-Eye trouble (discharge)


We understand some symptoms can linger after the contagious period has passed so we trust each parent to make informed decisions or if any symptoms have been evaluated by a pediatrician and deemed not contagious or a sickness then you're welcome in!

What is your cancelation policy?

We know how crazy life is as a parent and want to be as flexible as possible while still practicing good business policies. If you book your space with pre-paid hours then we can provide a 50% credit to be used at another time. If you book your space as a last-minute booking then it is nonrefundable. 

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