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How It Works

Schedule A Tour

We cannot wait to meet you! We are currently requiring individuals to come in for an in-person tour. For your convenience, you are more than welcome to stay for a free 1 hour trial at the end of your tour. If space is available, you're welcome to book additional time. Email us at to schedule.

Finalize Membership

Once you have toured, you can complete your membership below by going through a "purchase" process (it's free). This will provide you with exclusive membership access our booking calendar through your online account. It is quick and easy to use! 

Membership Fee

  • 0$
    Final approval is required with an in-person tour.
    Free Plan

Reserve As Needed

With access to your member portal, you'll be able to reserve office space as needed. You can book as quickly as quick as 24 hours or up to 4 weeks. 

Needing time to run errands, have appointments, or childcare fell through? We now have a drop off service available in your member portal. 

Interested in having a set schedule? Ask us about the cost savings for a monthly rate.

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